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Top 10 Accounting and Technology Firm

Crowe Site Refresh

Crowe is one of the top 10 public accounting, consulting, and technology firms with offices across the globe. Crowe assists clients in reaching their goals through audit, tax, risk and consulting services across a wide variety of industries.

The Crowe site refresh updated the site experiences available to 140+ member firms as well as Crowe LLP (US-based firm). Crowe’s updated site also replaced a site built on Ektron in favor of Sitecore as a shared source for all of Crowe’s member firms.


Site Design, Website Module Planning & Design

Crowe LLP Homepage

Page Template Samples

Pages within the content management system can be adjusted to suit the needs of the author but there are a number of default page visuals.

Module Library Samples

Comprehensive module library that lets content authors/member firms build web sites that align to a common core but adjust according to custom content needs. Modules are able to be used across all member firm sites and kept up to date as new features are added.

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