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Corporate wellness

Vitality Group Site Redesign

Vitality is one of the first companies in corporate wellness and remains one of the leading companies in the industry. Vitality works with companies and insurance providers to create wellness programs that are intuitive and deliver measurable results.

The site was redesigned as part of a realignment effort focused on modernizing the overall site and improving site conversions. Additionally as a part of the re-design a custom-built resource library was built to reorganize several disparate resource locations including blogs into a single location.


Site Design, Module Planning & Design

Content Pages

A modular design approach gives the site a clean, consistent look across the site that are easily configured to meet the content needs of each page on the site.

Resources Hub

The site also features a custom-developed resource hub that reorganizes consumable content into a single section and also allows any content to be placed behind a lead generation form.

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